Today I have mostly been painting artillery

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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For various reasons I’m painting my Epic models so that I can also field them in Space Marine 2nd edition using the old force organisation cards from that edition as well as having enough models to field them in EpicA. This means, two command stands (plus Rhino), three Bombards, three Basilisks and three Manticores for my first artillery company (more on this in a bit!):

I’ve owned these models since they came out for Space Marine 1st edition so it’s about time they got painted! You can see that I base my vehicles, it makes them easier to handle and I like the look of my vehicles on bases. Initially I started using GW Warmaster bases but since GW stopped selling them in separate packs I now get mine from because I get more and they’re cheaper (surprise!). The Kallistra ones also have rounded corners which is a visual improvement over the GW ones, imo.

I painted the Manticores before I started this blog:

(You’ll probably notice that photo quality in this blog is currently a bit variable!)

Although I own all variations of Manticore artillery, I really like the original Manticore models because there’s something low tech about them that fits with the early Imperial Guard look. Or maybe I’m just getting nostalgic because they were the first vehicles I bought for Space Marine 1st edition!

I mentioned earlier that this is my first artillery company because I’ve ended up with enough figures to build two artillery companies using Space Marine 1st/2nd edition figures, then there’s my Epic40k artillery and then there’s my EpicA artillery. I realise that I’ll never field that much artillery but given that I own the figures I really should paint them. I also just happen to like artillery models. 🙂

Waffle over here’s today’s progress:

I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping to but that’s life when you’ve got a family!


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