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The New Year has definitely come and gone however I’m still keeping one of my New Year resolutions going. The resolution being to finish building putting my World Eaters army together. I finished collecting it a while ago and I’m slowly working my way through stripping paint from second hand models I’ve bought, cleaning them up and putting them together. Considering I loathe putting models together it’s all been going well so far.

Originally I was only going to field one Lord of Battle but I had another almost complete one kicking about that would also be worth building and painting. The downside is that he’s ‘armless (sorry):

I spent a few weeks trawling ebay and asking around to see if anybody had a spare Lord of Battle arm, or anything suitable, but nothing came to fruition. This left me with the option of attempting a scratch build replacement arm. After digging through my bits box I found an old Skaven Rat Ogre arm to use as the basis for the arm and it rolled from there:

It still needs a bit of tidying up and having taken photos of it the skull at the front of the gun really isn’t working for me because it makes the gun look front heavy compared to the other weapon on the model. Even so the size of the arm is about right and blutacked onto the model it looks a bit like this:

Once I’ve worked out what to replace the skull with and the arm is undercoated it shouldn’t look too out of place.