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There’s been a bit a noticable dip in my hobby time recently, hence the lack of regular updates. Don’t worry, I intend to waffle extensively today! 🙂

I recently discovered the forum Oldhammer, which is a forum dedicated to all things Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd edition.

As I’ve got older I’ve become very picky about which forums I hang out on. I don’t like power gamers, I’m not keen on forums that are run like an old boys club where outsiders are merely tolerated, and I cannot stand forums that promote piracy within the hobby (you know who you are..). So, it was a nice surprise to find out that the members of Oldhammer are a genuinely friendly bunch of enthusiasts and collectors. Because of this I’ve been spending time on the forum and in turn I’ve started to feel the pull toward my WHFB 3rd edition Undead and Dark Elf armies again. Around 2006 I stripped my 80’s Undead army and began the task of repainting it with a view to turning it into both a Vampire Counts army and a Tomb Kings army. During this time I painted around 80% of the army, which was no mean feat considering how many models I’ve got for the army (easily over 250). Unfortunately GW kept fiddling with the Vampire Count army to the point that I lost all interest in the project. The last model I painted was:


I was always pleased with how the bone came out but try as I might his horns never looked right so I kept them plane for the time being.

Anyhow, the Oldhammer forum they run a painting competition, The Golden Gobbo, where we all submit painted WHFB 3rd edition era models. I missed out on the first competition, which had some very strong entries, but the next competition is for Monsters. This has given me the excuse I need to dig out, build, and finally paint my Zombie Dragon. This was the original Tom Meier Zombie Dragon that Citadel sold in the mid ’80s. It’s an understated sculpt, not having to rely on being over the top in terms of gore or pose, and it still really appeals to me some 27(!) years on. That said, coming in four parts, it’s also a reminder at just how badly the very old multi-part Citadel models went together:

After much filing and careful bending of the parts I managed to dry fit the model together:

It’s certainly going to take quite a lot of greenstuffing to sort out!