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When EpicA first came out I cobbled together a Steel Legion army using vehicles from my SMv1 era Imperial Guard mixed in with Epic40k era vehicles. I was never keen on how the army looked with half of it looking Heresy era and half of it looking quite modern in terms of design. As the years passed I decided that my SMv1 Imperial Guard vehicles would be used as a Heresy era Imperial Guard army only and my Epic40k and EpicA era Imperial Guard vehicles would be used for my Cadian Shock Troops and Minervan Tank Legion armies. My Steel Legion army would instead be built using vehicles from the SMv2 era and only using vehicles with the very flat chassis armour pictured below:


I’m not quite sure how I managed to end up with so many of these vehicles from this particular range given that I wasn’t actively collecting them. However, I did recently buy the Chimera variants (Chimerro and Chimerax) on ebay for a very reasonable price to finish the army off.

Sculpted by Norman Swales and Dave Andrews, this is my least favourite range of Imperial Guard vehicles. The flat chassis armour coupled with minimal detail just looks so flat and boring. There is also the issue of bad mould slippage on both sides of the chassis armour. It ranges from barely any to so much you’ll never get it cleaned off and, unfortunately, it’s pretty bad on half of the vehicles I own. Amazingly it’s even on the White Dwarf advert for the Basilisk:

And worse than that some of them have double mould lines. Again this can be seen in an advert for White Dwarf:
Double Mould Line
It’s really quite shocking to see these sorts of problems in adverts for the models when they’ve just been released.
I usually dive in with a needle file for this sort of work but I found that using a very sharp knife to scrape the worst of the mold slippage off gave a better result. Even so, not all of the mould lines could be cleaned and I’ll just have to reluctantly live with them.

After all of that moaning, imagine my surprise when painting these models that they’re not only quick to paint but, gasp(!), I they look really great. Once the whole army is painted it’ll have a very coherent look to it. The intention was to paint the army as a modern Russian force but the colourscheme looked a bit bland on the test model I painted (no photo, it was quickly stripped and repainted) so I went with an olive green colourscheme. I like it but it it did occur to me that it’s quite close to the Space Marine Salamander Chapter colours.¬† Unfortunately, there’s no photo of the models I painted (6x Basilisks and 4x Manticores) because when I applied my Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt Varnish it dried horribly and now those ten models are sat in the stripping queue. I’m not impressed, moreso given that I checked the varnish on a test model first which dried perfectly. Very annoying..!

Although this range is fairly comprehensive it’s missing an appropriate Bombard sculpt. I own quite a lot of the Mk1 Bombard models so I converted three Bombards that would fit more with this range using three spare chassis from this range and the original Mk1 Bombard guns. A lot of the detail was filed off the Mk1 Bombard guns to keep the simple, flat, look of this range:


It’s really not a great photo because the model isn’t that green or shiny but I wanted to upload what I’d done to make the Bombard.

Finally, I did a quick check of how many Epic Imperial Guard and Space Marine vehicles that are now in my collection. I’ve now amassed 716 Imperial Guard and 297 Space Marine vehicles with more working their way to me in the post. That’s twice what I thought and I’m now not going to count my Ork vehicles nor am I going to tell my wife! ūüėČ Before you ask just over 200 are painted. If I pull my finger out I’m sure I can get another hundred or so painted this year.


With the festivities finally over I’ve spent the day cleaning up and building a variety of Epic Imperial Guard models from my collection with the intention of painting them this year.¬†I didn’t take photos of everything as an assembled Epic 40k Hydra is an *ok* model but not exactly earth shattering stuff. I will say that the EpicA Basilisk model is a really great model and it looks much better in the flesh than it does on the GW website. Unfortunately, like my EpicA Leman Russ models, the casting quality is disappointingly average. However, luckily for me, I snagged nine of these models on ebay for under a fiver so I can’t complain too much.¬†Even so,¬†I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to pay thirty quid for them new!

Speaking of Basilisks I managed to start cleaning up and building my Forgeworld Earthshaker Carriages pulled by Trojan support vehicles:


(I’ve not stuck the side feet onto the model and that will make painting the gun difficult)

I was very lucky¬†to get my hands on four of these models in December from ebay. They’re¬†lovely sculpts¬†and should look great once painted up. The downside was that I managed to damage two of the gun floors when cutting where the resin pours into the mold:


It’s nothing that can’t be fixed but annoying all the same. Moreso given that I should’ve remembered to be a bit more careful having already done¬†this with a couple of my Medusas a couple of years ago. Oops.

Continuing the Forgeworld theme I also pulled my finger out and built my Manticores:


These are very clean sculpts but I’m not overly enamoured with them as models for some odd reason, they just do nothing for me.

Although I’ve still got mountains of Epic models to clean up and build I realised why I’ve recently¬†got a bit bored of painting them. Quite simply I’ve been painting models I’m less enthusiastic about and this has ground me down a bit. So, the plan to get over this is¬†to paint models I enjoy then every so often throw in the models I’m not as keen on. Here’s hoping that it works.

As the weather has improved I’ve been able to take some photos of my completed Artillery Company that I finished painting last weekend:

Artillery Company




So, what’s next? Either Rocket Company number two or a Leman Russ Company. I’m also in the process of cleaning up and gluing both my Heavy and Beastmen Companies and I’m itching to get my Gorgon companies painted as well. Decisions decisions! ūüôā

Like yesterday I was a bit pushed for time so I managed to finish off and base three of the original Basilisk models:


I really like these particular sculpts of the Basilisks and considering their age they’re really quite nicely detailed models.

I’ve managed to have a productive day today, my first Rocket Company is complete!

Rocket Company 1




At the start I mentioned that this is my first Rocket Company and that’s because I’ve got enough models to put together a second Rocket Company using the second version of the Manticore models. Will either of these companies ever be used? Probably not but I’m painting them more for the fun of it than anything else.

It seems that I’ve been getting confused in my old age with the Space Marine 2nd edition Artillery and Rocket Companies and the EpicA Artillery Company. This means that my previous post mixing Manticores with Basilisks and Bombards for SM2nd is wrong. I’d completely forgotten that Artillery and Rocket Companies in SM2nd existed as separate entities. Well I say “I forgot” when I’ve actually lost the Rocket Company card at some point from my Armies Of The Imperium box and I only discovered this when skimming the Space Marine battles book and noticed it mentioned two different types. Not to worry, I can easily manage both company types¬†using old models and even better than that I’ve already got six Manticores painted and based! ūüôā

Time to go to The Miniatures Page to confirm what actually made up a Rocket Company (6 Manticores, 3 Whirlwinds plus command? 9 Manticores plus command?).

For various reasons I’m painting my Epic models so that I can also field them in Space Marine 2nd edition using the old force organisation cards from that edition as well as having enough models to field them in EpicA. This means, two command stands (plus Rhino), three Bombards, three Basilisks and three Manticores for my first artillery company (more on this in a bit!):

I’ve owned these models since they came out for Space Marine 1st edition so it’s about time they got painted!¬†You can see¬†that I base my vehicles, it makes them easier to handle and I like the look of my vehicles on bases. Initially I started using GW Warmaster¬†bases but since GW stopped selling them in separate packs I now get mine from¬†because I get more and they’re cheaper (surprise!). The Kallistra ones also have rounded corners which is a visual¬†improvement over the GW ones, imo.

I painted the Manticores before I started this blog:

(You’ll probably notice that photo quality in this blog is currently a bit variable!)

Although I own all variations of Manticore artillery, I really like the original Manticore models because¬†there’s something low tech about them that fits with the early Imperial Guard look. Or maybe I’m just getting nostalgic because they were the first vehicles I bought for Space Marine 1st edition!

I¬†mentioned earlier that this is my first artillery company because I’ve ended up with enough figures to build two artillery companies using Space Marine 1st/2nd edition figures, then there’s my Epic40k artillery and then there’s my EpicA artillery. I realise that I’ll never field that much artillery but given that I own the figures I really should paint them. I also just happen to like artillery models. ūüôā

Waffle over here’s today’s progress:

I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping to but that’s life when you’ve got a family!