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Since buying those bags of plastic Grenadier Dwarf models from EM4 along with a number of Grenadier metal models from Forlorn Hope Games I’m becoming a bit of a convert to the Grenadier range, particularly the Nick Lund sculpts for the Grenadier Fantasy Warriors game. These models might not be as characterful as the ever popular 80’s/90’s Citadel ranges but there’s a battle hardened look to the Grenadier range that I’ve really started to appreciate as I’ve been building the army. In fact, I really love the look of the army!

It’s also hard to ignore just how cheap these miniatures are to come by second hand, or even new. On ebay I’ve been averaging 60p or less per metal model when buying in bulk which has been really great. Sure, there are the usual nutters on ebay wanting £25 for a model I can buy new for £3 but there are also a decent number of bargains to be had very easily. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that not everybody likes these miniatures. As I mentioned earlier, they lack the character of the classic Citadel ranges but they’re still really great sculpts imo and they rank up into a great looking army. My army is now at the 2500 point mark and that’s still cost me under £100 and includes me buying some frivolous items that improved the look of the plastic models.

Speaking of which, one of the things that makes the plastic models look very samey, apart from them being identical sculpts, is their shields. I did buy the appropriate plastic shields for the models but it became obvious rather early on that they weren’t working for me visually. This resulted in me searching online for better looking shields at a decent price. Believe it or not this isn’t quite as easy as you’d think, or maybe it is and my searches were rubbish! Nice looking resin shields seem to average around 50p a shield and I couldn’t get enough plastic shields from various bitz sellers for the army who, again, weren’t that cheap. However, it was a fluke discovery on ebay that resulted in me buying a decent number of metal shields for £14. £14 on shields? Yes I know! I did think about it for quite a while before clicking on the “Buy It Now” button but I worked out that even doing that meant that I bumped my plastic miniatures up in price to about 40p per model which was bearable. Ok, that’s around 100% more than the models cost on their own but once I received the shields I knew that I’d made the right choice! The difference they made to the look of the plastic miniatures was huge as it added some much needed variation to the ranks and they look great visually as well (apologies for the blurry picture!):


I’ve also spent time press molding my own warhammer heads and using these instead of the axe heads the models came with originally:


They’re not perfect, far from it, but they should paint up well enough. Saying that, as part of an ebay win, I did end up with a metal Grenadier Dwarf holding a double-handed warhammer and this got me thinking about changing the whole unit to metal models but it turns out that Grenadier only made two Dwarf miniatures holding double-handed warhammers, the trooper I own and a hero who looks like he’s about to take off Superman style. The other models armed with double-handed weapons are armed with either an axe or a mace and I wanted my entire unit to be armed with warhammers exclusively so the plastic models were kept to make up the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranks:


One of the things I decided to do with this project was to simplify my painting style. When I paint my Undead models I take far too long per figure to the point where I struggle to build up the enthusiasm required to continue painting it. As a part of this I’ve decided to give the Foundry three colour method a go but without using Foundry paint, which I did consider, but decided against it because I already own a large selection of Vallejo paint and I didn’t want to spend money on paint I don’t really need. I know I’ll cave in eventually and buy Foundry paint but not today. I organised my Vallejo paint into three variations of colour to emulate the three colour method and it’s been surprisingly easy to convert to painting in this style.

Here’s a test paint job on a Dwarf hero that I’ve not quite finished:


Again, not a great photo, but the paint job turned out a lot more scrappy than I wanted and I’m blaming that on me not having painted anything for months on end, I feel incredibly rusty! I’m also really not comfortable painting gold and green so there’s still plenty to learn working with these colours.

In other news I bought a couple of really great paint racks on ebay from a wargames store for around £12 including P&P:


I bought one and was so impressed with it when it turned up that I immediately bought another one the same day. Obviously it only fits Vallejo paint, which is my paint of choice, but as you can see my non-Vallejo paints and inks are safely stored on it.