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Like yesterday I was a bit pushed for time so I managed to finish off and base three of the original Basilisk models:


I really like these particular sculpts of the Basilisks and considering their age they’re really quite nicely detailed models.


I didn’t have time to paint today, I rarely do on a Saturday, but I managed to grab an hour with the intention of putting my Epic40k and EpicA Hellhounds together. This is when I discovered a surprise with the EpicA Hellhounds. Have a look at the picture below and what do you see, other than I’m mixing an Epic40k turret with the EpicA vehicle body?

EpicA Hellhound

Ok, it needs flash and mold lines cleaning off but have a close look at the left of the side armour and then the right. They’re the wrong way around! Don’t believe me have a look at the below comparison:

EpicA Hellhound (left) – Epic40k Hellhound (Right)

Believe it or not GW have managed to cast the side armour of the EpicA Hellhounds on the wrong way around. It’s not often I do this but here we go.. *rolls eyes*

For those of you who don’t know with the Epic40k range vehicles came in around four pieces; two pieces of side armour, the vehicles main body and its turret. There was quite a variation of all of these components and this allowed you to mix and match them so you could personalise your vehicles. It was a great idea. With the current EpicA range GW decided not to do this and they cast the sides of the vehicles onto the bodies. This means that you can’t mix and match anymore (other than mixing Epic40k turrets with EpicA vehicles and vica versa) and all of your vehicles now essentially look the same. Because of this Epic40k vehicles are extremely popular on the second hand market. It also means that because GW have cast the EpicA Hellhounds with the sides on the wrong way around you’re stuck with them. Comparing the EpicA Bombards and Artillery pieces they’re all cast on the correct way. So, nice one GW. :/

I realise that some people won’t notice or care but when the rest of the vehicles in my army have their sides on the other way around it niggles.

I’ve managed to have a productive day today, my first Rocket Company is complete!

Rocket Company 1




At the start I mentioned that this is my first Rocket Company and that’s because I’ve got enough models to put together a second Rocket Company using the second version of the Manticore models. Will either of these companies ever be used? Probably not but I’m painting them more for the fun of it than anything else.

As I like to paint with natural light and it’s been so dull today I’ve not managed to get anything new painted. Instead I decided to get around to a chore I’ve been putting off for a while. The chore being sorting out three companies of Siege infantry:

I really like these figures but clipping them off their metal sprue and snipping metal from the underneath of their bases was one of the most tedious things I’ve done for a while!

One thing I did find is that each box contained at least one extra sprue of figures. These were random so it was either another sprue of troopers, command figures or gunners/loaders. This meant that I could include an extra base containing a Commissar for each company and I’ve still got a couple of sprues of gunners/loaders left for conversion work.

Some will be wondering why anybody would pay over £30 per company from GW, moreso when you consider how cheap competitors 6mm figures are, but I particularly wanted these figures so I coughed up. My money, my choice. 🙂

I recently bought a pack of Blitzen AA models from GW and I was disappointed to find that the front of one gun carriages was completely missing. One quick call to GW’s ever excellent customer service team and I got a new pack of Blitzen models sent to me free of charge. This left me with another two perfectly fine Blitzen models and the miscast one. It seemed a shame not to use all three.. Whilst I’m not capable of sculpting a figure from scratch I’m reasonably handy with greenstuff for conversion work, so I attempted to sculpt a new front end onto the carriage. It looked absolutely dreadful and no you don’t need to see a picture. 😉

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I stumbled across something called Instant Mold ( Initially I thought it was an interesting idea and then I thought of my miscast Blizten. £1.80 and four days later and I had a strip of Instant Mold in my hands:

It doesn’t smell and it’s very easy to work with but you wouldn’t use it for complicated casting, for simple things it’s ideal. So how does it work? First up you drop the block into very warm water (not far off boiling), let it sit in there for a couple of minutes then carefully remove it with something other than your fingers. Press what you want to make a mold of into the block:

Once it’s hardened (about 5-10 minutes) apply your greenstuff or whatever into the mold:

I made a number of impressions of the front of the  Blitzen into the Instant Mold and made two front ends from it:

Once the green stuff had hardened I cut it to size and fitted it to the front of the miscast Blitzen:

Whilst not perfect, the green stuff mix was a bit off and it shrunk a bit, it’s still a lot better than anything I could’ve sculpted and once painted it should look good enough, it is 6mm after all.

What amused me was how in their promo video they mention that they can’t find anything that will stick to it, they obviously didn’t try slightly damp kitchen paper. That was something I discovered when I put a wet stick onto kitchen paper to dry it a bit before using it. It’ll also be interesting to see just how many times it can actually be used.

I’m not intending for this blog to be a mouthpiece for me to complain about various parts of the hobby I don’t get on with but I just can’t help myself today, we’ll blame the weather for this!

I am getting tired of reading that the reason that plastic/resin/finecast is better than metal is because it’s not as heavy to carry. I’m seeing this more and more as being the main excuse and as much as I’m not wanting to get into a Monty Python style moan, along the lines of getting up before we went to bed,  how on earth did we cope years ago? I used to walk four miles carrying my metal WHFB army, play for a few hours then walk four miles home. This was seen as being quite normal for kids bad then! As for adults are people honestly suggesting that they can’t walk from their home to their car with a metal army.. I dispair. Yes, I can see why people who fly with their armies to tournaments would prefer a lighter weight but for everybody else it’s just a bit of a sad excuse; “Hey I’m a weedy nerd! I can only carry very light plastic toy soldiers otherwise I’ll be a sobbing heap after carrying my army case more than two metres.”.

Don’t get me wrong, I own plenty of metal, plastic and resin figures (no Finecast mind), there’s a place for them all in the wargaming hobby, so I don’t have a dog in that fight.

Anyway, moan over, normal service will resume shortly. 😉

It seems that I’ve been getting confused in my old age with the Space Marine 2nd edition Artillery and Rocket Companies and the EpicA Artillery Company. This means that my previous post mixing Manticores with Basilisks and Bombards for SM2nd is wrong. I’d completely forgotten that Artillery and Rocket Companies in SM2nd existed as separate entities. Well I say “I forgot” when I’ve actually lost the Rocket Company card at some point from my Armies Of The Imperium box and I only discovered this when skimming the Space Marine battles book and noticed it mentioned two different types. Not to worry, I can easily manage both company types using old models and even better than that I’ve already got six Manticores painted and based! 🙂

Time to go to The Miniatures Page to confirm what actually made up a Rocket Company (6 Manticores, 3 Whirlwinds plus command? 9 Manticores plus command?).