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Two weeks on and I’ve managed to squeeze in painting my Hyrdra and Heavy AA platforms around a rather hectic family life.

Hydra Platform

Heavy AA Platform

I’m not 100% happy with the paintjob as the drybrush is harsher than I like but that’s what happens when you’re painting in bad light. Even so, it’s not the end of the world and they look good enough on the table!

What’s next? I need to pull my finger out and finish painting my Heavy Company (yawn) and I’ve also got quite a large pile of models that need cleaning up and building. To make matters worse a certain film is out in September and this has got me digging through a very old pile of figures I bought in ’86-’87 that need stripping and re-painting.


I’m finding painting my Imperial Guard Heavy Company to be incredibly tedious so I’ve taken a brief break to finally build my Forgeworld Hydra and Heavy AA weapons platforms.

Given how thin some of the parts are on these resin models it was inevitable that things like gun barrels and even the platform legs needed bending back into shape. I have to admit that it’s a pet hate of mine to see built and painted resin models with badly warped parts because it’s so quick and easy to fix, it’s much like when people don’t remove very bad mold lines from models.

I bend resin using the following steps:

01. Boil a kettle of water.

02. Pour boiling water into a small glass container.

03. Dip the part of the model that needs bending into the near boiling water for around 5 seconds.

04. Carefully bend the resin to the correct position.

05. If the resin needs bending again, put it back into the water and try again.

There is a bit of a knack to it and it’s easy to leave the resin in the water for too long to the point where it starts to melt, if in doubt use a piece of resin sprue to test with first.

I based my weapons platforms using bases from Renedra Limited (, a company I’d not used before. To cut a long story short, I’d been struggling to find a company that could provide the variety of bases I want for various Epic models I own and I stumbled across Renedra Limited a few days ago by lucky accident. What can I say? They offer a wide variety of great products, not just bases, and I had my order in my hands in under 24 hours! So, gold stars all round to Renedra Limited who will definitely be getting further custom from me. 🙂

Getting back to the weapons platforms I really like them and I’m going to buy the rest of the weapons platforms Forgeworld produce because they’re just nice models for a decent price.