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I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last did a blog update. In my defense there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes and my ISP, the ever unreliable Virgin Media, failed to provide me with a working Internet connection for the last two weeks. Oh well..

Anyhow, with the weather having very hit and miss at the weekends, which is when I normally paint, I’ve been spending time building my Baran Siegemasters. I’ve been dipping in and out of building this army since I got it whenever I can’t be bothered to paint. However, I’ve decided that this is the year that I finish building it all and actually paint the thing while I simulatenously paint my existing Epic army.

When I first saw this army in Fanatic magazine I hated it because the models looked ugly and the paint job was absolutely cronic. Over time, however, I started to warm to the ugliness of the models to the point where I took the plunge and spent far too much money building the army.

One of the things I did like was the integrated scenic bases that artillery and support weapons came on. In reality I didn’t realise just how tedious they would be to greenstuff. Thankfully that’s all now been done!

Blitzen AA


Thudd Guns

thudd gun



It has to be said that I’m not looking forward to putting my Bruennhilde Company together.

Speaking of Companys I’m also working on my Imperial Guard Gorgon Company:

Imperial Guard Gorgon Company