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It there’s one thing that’s lacking with the Grenadier Dwarves Fantasy Warriors range it’s the number of standard bearer models. There are only two sculpts available and although they’re both nice models I wouldn’t want to use lots of them in an army. There’s a fairly decent standard bearer in the Grenadier Fantasy Legends Dark Dwarf command blister but I’m using that model for my Slayers because it looks suitably crazed enough for that unit. This meant that had to have to convert my Army Standard Bearer using a model I bought from I’m quite pleased with how he turned out:


The Dwarf model is from the Fantasy Warriors range, he’s usual wielding a two handed axe:


I carefully removed his axe, drilled into his grip and inserted some brass rod. The standard is from the Games Workshop Dwarves range. I bought it for £1 on ebay and removed most of the runes that were covering both the front and back of the standard. I was unable to remove the remaining rune, which is a shame because I think it looks a bit naff. I had a rummage around my bits box to try and find something to replace it with but I couldn’t find anything that was suitable.

I also removed the shield from the back of the model as I wasn’t too keen on it and replaced it with a spare metal shield from my bits box that looks far more suitable!


What surprised me with this conversion was how easy it was to do. Time and again I read on various messageboards about how hard metal miniatures are to convert compared to plastic miniatures and for things like weapon swaps and the like I don’t agree. The most time consuming part of my conversion was cutting all of the runes from the plastic standard and the conversion only took around ten minutes to do.

Anyway, one thing you will have noticed is that I’ve not been getting much painting done this year. When I’ve had the time to paint, which has been rare, I’ve generally not been in the mood and when I force myself paint when I’m not in the mood to paint I tend to do a bad job and end up stripping the models. I.e. it’s a bigger waste of time than me not painting the model in the first place. This brings me to the paint job on my first Dwarf model that I started a few weeks ago; I really wasn’t happy with how it was coming along. The biggest problem with the model was that my attempt to copy the Foundry three colour method wasn’t working for me. At all. Feeling a bit more refreshed I decided to re-visit the model and iron out the bits that didn’t work. Essentially it came down to the fact that the green clothing was too harsh being just three variations of green; dark, medium and light. So, I broke it down into five Vallejo greens:

  • Olive Grey
  • Olive Grey/Medium Olive50/50
  • Medium Olive
  • Medium Olive/Olive Green 50/50
  • Olive

This gave a much better result and more what I was aiming for:


The good thing about this paint scheme is that the models are about 80% chainmail so batching up the five green stages should be nice and quick. All I have to do now is actually pull my finger out and paint around 140 miniatures rather than just staring at them hoping that they’ll paint themselves when I’m asleep..!

Finally, I managed to get hold of an old Grenadier Dwarf Fire Thrower model. This poor chap had been trapped in his blister pack since 1989!


Ah.. doesn’t he look much happier now that he’s on my ever growing paint queue! 🙂