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The last time I posted I was wondering wondered about these vehicle sides:


Those thoroughly nice people on the “Epic Space Marine 40k” Facebook Group solved the mystery in about 1 second of me posting, they’re quicker than the experts on The Miniatures Page! They’re the original sides from the Mk1 Space Marine Whirlwind:


So, there we go! 🙂 What surprises me is how many Mk1 Space Marine Whirlwinds I own (I’ve got them in both my Imperial Guard and Space Marine armies) yet I only have one pair of these sides, you’d think I would own a few more.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished my first Salamander Legion Tactical Detachment:


Given that I’ve painted huge amounts of Imperial Guard infantry just painting eight bases of Space Marines was a breeze! I would’ve loved to paint chapter markings on the Space Marines but I’m just not that masochistic!

I started to paint my Legion Jet Bikes (well, the Mk2 Space Marine ones) and I was hoping to have them finished today but my new pot of Vallejo black paint is currently coming out gloss meaning that I can’t finish those bikes yet. I guess I’ll just have to keep shaking that pot of paint!

Instead, I’ve started to paint my Legion Land Raider Battle Squadron:


These metal models paint up really well (not that you can tell in my photo) which is impressive when you consider their age! Once the Land Raiders are finished I’ll start work on my second Legion Tactical Detachment.


I’ve been cleaning up and gluing my AT:SMv1 era vehicles I discovered two sides of a vehicle that don’t fit any of that era of Space Marine vehicles. Although they look like the vehicle sides that fit the original Rhino, Vindicator and Whirlwind models they’re slightly smaller and slightly more detailed:


Note: that I’ve not removed any flash from the vehicle sides.

The differences between the mystery vehicle sides and the usual ones are as follows:

* More detailed lights.
* More detailed tracks.
* More detailed wheels.
* More detailed stowage area.
* The exhaust has four holes in it and not three.
* Less detail on the top of the exhaust.
* The doors are slightly smaller.
* The hole the body plugs into is smaller.

Below is a comparison with the mystery sides at the top, usual vehicle sides in the middle and Predator vehicle sides at the bottom:


And a closer comparison between the mystery sides at the top and the usual vehicle sides at the bottom:


The position of the gaps a body would plug into with the mystery one at the top and a standard one at the bottom:


The metal is consistent with the sides released during the AT:SMv1 era and it looks like it contains lead. Because of this, and the fact that they’ve been in a box for twenty plus years(!), I don’t believe they’re fan made.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the vehicle body that the sides connect onto and I can’t remember where I got these vehicle sides from. Could they be from a very early version of the AT:SMv1 Rhino that was changed to a less detailed part to make casting easier? Do I have part of an unreleased sculpt? Something else? Answers on a postcard..! 🙂

The painting of my Steel Legion army has stalled due to the models needing stripping and repainting which has drained my enthusiasm for the project for the time being. Instead I began to sort out my Epic Space Marines with the intention of painting an EpicA Codex Space Marine army that could also fit in with my Space Marine 2nd edition Space Marine army. As I was going through the models I own it occurred to me that with a bit of planning I could put together a 30k Heresy Era Space Marine army list using my MK6 Beakies from Space Marine 1st edition and metal vehicles from that era. I realise that technically 30k Space Marines wore MKIV armour but at a 6mm scale I don’t think it matters too much if I use MK6 models.

But which Chapter should I paint? A few years ago I’d painted about 50 bases of MK6 models a rather bright blue that I’ve never been happy with and the vehicles looked dreadful in that colour scheme so after an awful lot of pondering I’ve decided to go with Salamanders. Below are some quick test models showing the green colour scheme. Obviously the models aren’t quite finished:


Rhino Test

MK6 Space Marines

Infantry Test

The green is quick and easy to paint and looks good in the flesh as opposed to my photos which look washed out. I realise that Salamanders have black shoulder armour but I’m not 100% sure if I want to go down that route on my MK6 models yet.

I’ll worry about getting hold of the rarer models such as Fellblades, Glaives and the like later on once I’ve got the basics painted.

I recently discovered three Epic Space Marine models I didn’t realise I still owned.

You could briefly buy these lead versions of the plastic marines plus lead command sprues around the time when the Codex Titanicus supplement for Adeptus Titanicus was released. I bought a couple of blister packs of these models and, stupidly, years later I traded them with a friend for some Warhammer Empire models that have long since been sold on ebay. I’ve always regretted trading the Epic Marine models because they’re very hard to come buy now and they’re great figures for the scale. Even so, every so often one or two of them turn up in unlikely places as I’m searching for something else. The commander figure, on the right, is damaged and will need some repair work doing to him before he’s painted.

The intention is to use these metal Space Marines as command stands. The figures are slightly too large to fit any of the Space Marine or Epic bases which means that, unfortunately, they have to be clipped to fit into said bases.

In other news I managed to get around to building a Gargant. You can’t tell from the below photo but he’s, ahem, “excited” to see his opponents. 😉

I really love the original 1st edition Space Marine Gargants but I’m not too sure about this updated version, that was released for 2nd edition Space Marine, because the head reminds me of Metal Mickey. If you know who Metal Mickey is without looking then congratulations you’re probably as old as me. 😉

Having spent a fair bit of my free time rummaging around my Epic collection and whatnot I’ve also started painting Epic Imperial Guard vehicles again but I’ll save those for my blogs next update.

Now that I’m back from my holiday I’ve been spending limited my free time sorting my Epic Ork and Space Marine armies out. This meant actually working out an inventory of what I’ve got for each army and how I can best make the armies work for both Space Marine 2nd edition and EpicA. I already have my Space Marine army worked out for EpicA so retrofitting it for Space Marine 2nd edition was quite easy. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that I can field every type of SM company, I new my years of hoarding Epic models would pay off! 🙂

Flicking through the Warlords supplement, it was interesting to see just how much character they stripped out of the Ork army when they moved to EpicA. Jervis recognises in the EpicA rulebook that “some players don’t like this abstraction” and you can put me in the “don’t like” camp. I completely understand the whole “Orks are now a barbaric horde” army thing but I’m really not keen on it. Even so I’ve got enough models for either four Clans of Orks which is enough for over three ‘Uge formations in EpicA. Clan wise I’m aiming to get a few more Orks so that I can cover all of the six Clans. I’m not massively keen on GW’s prices for their Epic ranges so I’ll keep scouring ebay.

Because of all the above I’ve spent a fascinating two days rebasing Epic Ork and Epic Space Marine models from their oldschool square bases and onto the current skirmish strip bases because I’ve never been a fan of the old square bases and I really like the look of the current bases. There were a few casualties along the way, a small number of Assault Marines snapping at the knee, but I was expecting worse and they can always be carefully glued back together.

Having glued all of my infantry onto bases I was facing the issue of how I was going to store them. For 6mm plastic infantry the thought of buying cases with foam trays is a bit of an overkill imo. Instead I’ve used the below plastic case that’s designed for drill bits, nails, screws and the like that I refound when rummaging through the garage:



I bought it in a long gone pound shop for, surprisingly, one pound. Currently I’ve only put painted models into it but it should cope with all of my infantry models given that there’s storage on both sides. The unpainted models are sat in separate boxes counting down the years until they’re eventually painted.

A few years ago I bought five Yoyodyne models, as well as other models, from the Spacelords range available from one of my favourite online stores I bought them initially because I just liked the look of the models and I fancied painting something different to my then project of my huge Vampire Count army for WHFB. As ever I bought them and they sat in box. 😉

They still need quite a bit of work before they’re finished but they’ve been great fun to paint so far.

I also did an inventory on my Epic Ork army because I’ve been buying bits and pieces for this for years but never actually done anything with it. I was surprised to discover that I’ve got a whopping five of the original Space Marine V1/V2 Great Gargants. I love these Gargant models, they’re so well sculpted they feel very naturally Orky to me compared to the resculpts that were done for Epic40k that I’ve never liked.

No photos as of yet because some of the models were absolutely covered in very thick paint meaning they need another go in my stripping solution. I’m pretty sure that nobody actually needs five Great Gargants but they’re such great models and I love that I can mix and match the components to make some fun combinations for Space Marine V2. One will definitely become a lumbering close combat monster. Useful in game? Probably not. Fun to plonk on the table? Definitely! 🙂

These might be the ugliest sculpts GW ever did for this game system but they painted up very quickly. I can kindof get what they were trying to do with this sculpt, an assault gun with a flat ablative armour look, but it makes the sculpt look very flat and uninteresting.

Imperial Guard Vindicator Company

Given that I’m not keen on this model why on earth did I use it over the original Mark 1 Vindicator sculpt? Good question! I did it because I wanted my Imperial Guard Vindicators to look different to my Space Marine Vindicators. I’m not 100% convinced it was the right decision but it’s bit late now. You’ll notice that the command Vindicator has a miscast main gun, I didn’t realise this when I bought it off ebay because it was covered in really thick paint, and I only discovered the problem when the tank was stripped of about 3mm of paint (seriously!). I did try to repair this but was unsuccessful. At least I can tell which is the command tank without the need to paint it differently.

Speaking of which I did think about putting some Imperial Guard transfers on top of the tanks using the old Space Marine V2 era Imperial Guard transfers but they just looked wrong, they made the tanks look more like toys than the paint job suggests.

I’ve finally managed to glue both my Imperial Guard Heavy and Beastmen Companies together. No photos as I realise lots of unpainted figures isn’t that exciting to look at. The intention is to paint my Heavy Company next.

Sphere Hobby Products Vallejo Paint Rack

In other news I finally treated myself to a lasercut paint rack for my Vallejo paints, bought from the ebay store Sphere-Hobby-Products:

Delivery was swift and it’s a great product but it’s not without a couple of issues. The smell from the laser cutting is very strong, considerably stronger than laser cut MDF figure bases I’ve bulk bought (if you don’t know what it smells like it makes your hobby room smell like somebody’s been burning charcoal in it), it took about a week for it to subside. I was slightly disappointed that when built it leans slightly to one side, I tried various configurations to remove the lean but try as I might I couldn’t get it 100%. I suspect that most people won’t notice or be bothered by it but it sits on a shelf taunting me everytime I look at it. So, would I recommend the product? Yes, actually, I would. The design is neat and once I’ve sorted my paints into some sort of order it’ll save me rummaging around a box trying to find the paint I’m after without knocking other paints over.