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A few years ago I bought five Yoyodyne models, as well as other models, from the Spacelords range available from one of my favourite online stores I bought them initially because I just liked the look of the models and I fancied painting something different to my then project of my huge Vampire Count army for WHFB. As ever I bought them and they sat in box. 😉

They still need quite a bit of work before they’re finished but they’ve been great fun to paint so far.

I also did an inventory on my Epic Ork army because I’ve been buying bits and pieces for this for years but never actually done anything with it. I was surprised to discover that I’ve got a whopping five of the original Space Marine V1/V2 Great Gargants. I love these Gargant models, they’re so well sculpted they feel very naturally Orky to me compared to the resculpts that were done for Epic40k that I’ve never liked.

No photos as of yet because some of the models were absolutely covered in very thick paint meaning they need another go in my stripping solution. I’m pretty sure that nobody actually needs five Great Gargants but they’re such great models and I love that I can mix and match the components to make some fun combinations for Space Marine V2. One will definitely become a lumbering close combat monster. Useful in game? Probably not. Fun to plonk on the table? Definitely! 🙂