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My wargaming hobby has taken a bit of a back seat recently as real life has taken over with fun chores like grouting and resealing the shower room. Even so I’ve been squeezing bits in as and when I can in a slightly random manner.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a lot of the old Citadel Judge Dredd figures to strip and I’ve been busy stripping said miniatures. I wasn’t hugely surprised to discover that twenty six years ago(!) I never bothered doing things like removing flash from the models, filing unsightly mold lines or even bothering to undercoat my figures. Back then I was all about slapping the paint on and getting them on the gaming table as fast as I could! Ah fun times. 🙂

Below are about half of the figures. Unfortunately a few of them were broken so I’ve had to do some repair work to them.

Anyway, this got me thinking about mentioning how I strip my figures. After years of trying various things out the quickest and cheapest way to strip figures is using Superdrug Acetone free nail polish remover. I can already hear some of you tutting that I should be using Biostrip, Dettol or Brake Fluid but I like to strip figures quickly and easily using something that’s not a problem to dispose of once used. I’ve used Superdrugs Acetone free nail polish remover with no ill effect on my metal, plastic, and resin models.

You’ll notice that some of the figures above still have quite a bit of paint on them. Those are the ones that were painted with very thick Humbrol enamel paint rather than acrylic paint.

I’ve also started to paint my Mark 1 Imperial Guard Hellhounds. They’re ugly looking models and I’m not overly fond of them as they’re another blocky looking vehicle.


Taking at least twice as long to complete as expected, I’ve finally finished my Imperial Guard Heavy Company. 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post something exciting is happening this September. What is it? It’s Dredd 3D! As a huge fan of Judge Dredd it’s fair to say that having seen the HD trailer I’m literally counting down the days to this one! 🙂

It’s this excitement that got me digging out, and dusting off, my old Citadel Judge Dredd figures that I mostly bought back in 1986-87. I say mostly because I bought a few figures from this range last year on ebay and, unfortunately, one of them, Judge Patton, turned up missing his feet which was very annoying because the seller had hidden this problem. We came to an acceptible resolution but I was still left with a footless Judge:


So, inbetween grinding through my Heavy Company (just the basing to complete!) I sculpted some new feet for Judge Patton and they turned out much better than expected:

Now to start stripping all of my old Judge Dredd models inbetween painting my Epic models.