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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post due to family obligations followed by getting the worst cold I’ve had all year. Oh well eh? Even so today I’ve managed to finish my Infantry Company!

Infantry Company

So what’s next? I’m halfway through painting my Artillery Company but I’m finding that a bit boring to paint but I should really finish it. I’ve also finally got enough Imperial Guard Beastmen models to build a Beastman company but I need to base them before I can paint them. Decisions decisions!


I’m still painting the rest of the stands that make up the Infantry Company but as they’re not complete yet I thought I’d finish an Assault Platoon I started sometime last year and got bored painting it:

Assault Platoon

To make up an Assault Company I’ll have to paint another ten stands of these models. Let me say that these are the most tedious 6mm models I’ve ever painted and the thought of painting just ten more stands doesn’t exactly get me going. Oh well eh?

Speaking of painting 6mm models and tedium I worked out that if I do paint all of the Companies as planned I’ll paint over 1,000 (yes one THOUSAND!) 6mm infantry models. Suddenly this doesn’t seem like such a grand idea! 😉

Another dull weekend weather wise has slowed my progress on finishing the last few stands for my Infantry Company. If I’m lucky I’ll get the below finished apart from their bases tomorrow. Slow progress but some progress is better than no progress.

There’s been a rumour circulating online for the last few days that Forgeworld are going to be shifting from their usual resin to Finecast. Initially I didn’t believe it but I found some pictures of the 40k Krieg troopers cast as Finecast (sorry no pics here). My heart sank. There are still quite a lot of models I’d like to buy from FW for both EpicA and AI but I really don’t want them in Finecast.

I discussed this on another forum and one poster mentioned that because FW is a smaller operation the casting should be better quality than that of GW (I don’t want to go down the road of the current casting quality at FW because I’ve never experienced a problem). I’m not convinced. I’m also not convinced that when this change over happens prices won’t jump drastically up either.

The other concern is will they just stop casting their Epic and AI range once the current moulds wear out? We’ve already been there with a large number of their old Epic range. 😦

So my options are to either load my credit card up and put one huge final order in with FW (thankfully ‘er indoors is ok with me doing this) or continue to buy bits and pieces each month and hope the Epic range is the last range they cast in Finecast.  I’m not keen on bulk buying more wargames figures at the moment because I tend to find that when I bulk buy I rarely do anything with most of the models beyond keeping them in storage boxes for years on end. But I frequently kick myself for not buying the entire FW Epic40k range before they stopped casting most of it.

Decisions decisions!

Original Imperial Guard plastics

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Many years ago I bought the original Imperial Guard plastic boxed set for Space Marine 1st edition that I bought on a whim whilst on holiday in York. At the time I didn’t realise what a bargain buy it would turn out to be for a mere £8. Later on I inherited some more sprues from a wargamer who’s wife was making him give up wargaming, I can only hope he’s now happily divorced and wargaming again. 😉

Where is this ramble going? Good question! An idea popped into my head on Sunday evening that means instead of me just painting every Space Marine era model I own I’ve decided to see if I can paint every single company, plus various support models that aren’t available as companies, and collect enough figures to be able to deploy every company at the same time. Why? Because I think it’ll be fun to do.

So, this has resulted in some serious head scratching as I worked out how many of the original plastic figures I’ve got and how many I’d need to hunt down on ebay. The result is that the only companies I don’t have enough figures for to deploy completely are:

Beastmen – I need another 20 stands of Beastmen. Not good. Moreso when I remember selling 20 stands of Beastmen on ebay for a pittance a number of years ago because they never got used. Note to self: Don’t sell any of my epic figures/tanks/whatever ever!

Hellbore – I still need the Hellbore model, it’s the only model from this era that I’ve not got hold of yet, and another 30 stands of infantry. This is going to be one expensive company to put together!

Moles – I need another two moles and even more infantry.

Ironically these are all of the companies that were seen as being ineffective for their points, I can’t remember anybody ever using them.

In terms of support I need four more Tarantulas and one more Rapier. I’m going to have to think of an easy way to convert the plastic Landspeeder models into IG ones because I don’t like the models having Space Marines piloting them.

The only thing I don’t know is how either the Bike Company or Robot Support are made up because these cards have long since escaped my Armies of the Imperium box. I’m guessing that the Bike company is 15 bikes plus 1 Rhino with 2 command stands but I haven’t got a clue if Robots are fielded in four stands or five. I’ve got more than enough metal and plastic robots to field far more than I’d ever use so I’ll paint 20 of the metal ones which allows for four or five units.