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These might be the ugliest sculpts GW ever did for this game system but they painted up very quickly. I can kindof get what they were trying to do with this sculpt, an assault gun with a flat ablative armour look, but it makes the sculpt look very flat and uninteresting.

Imperial Guard Vindicator Company

Given that I’m not keen on this model why on earth did I use it over the original Mark 1 Vindicator sculpt? Good question! I did it because I wanted my Imperial Guard Vindicators to look different to my Space Marine Vindicators. I’m not 100% convinced it was the right decision but it’s bit late now. You’ll notice that the command Vindicator has a miscast main gun, I didn’t realise this when I bought it off ebay because it was covered in really thick paint, and I only discovered the problem when the tank was stripped of about 3mm of paint (seriously!). I did try to repair this but was unsuccessful. At least I can tell which is the command tank without the need to paint it differently.

Speaking of which I did think about putting some Imperial Guard transfers on top of the tanks using the old Space Marine V2 era Imperial Guard transfers but they just looked wrong, they made the tanks look more like toys than the paint job suggests.

I’ve finally managed to glue both my Imperial Guard Heavy and Beastmen Companies together. No photos as I realise lots of unpainted figures isn’t that exciting to look at. The intention is to paint my Heavy Company next.

Sphere Hobby Products Vallejo Paint Rack

In other news I finally treated myself to a lasercut paint rack for my Vallejo paints, bought from the ebay store Sphere-Hobby-Products:

Delivery was swift and it’s a great product but it’s not without a couple of issues. The smell from the laser cutting is very strong, considerably stronger than laser cut MDF figure bases I’ve bulk bought (if you don’t know what it smells like it makes your hobby room smell like somebody’s been burning charcoal in it), it took about a week for it to subside. I was slightly disappointed that when built it leans slightly to one side, I tried various configurations to remove the lean but try as I might I couldn’t get it 100%. I suspect that most people won’t notice or be bothered by it but it sits on a shelf taunting me everytime I look at it. So, would I recommend the product? Yes, actually, I would. The design is neat and once I’ve sorted my paints into some sort of order it’ll save me rummaging around a box trying to find the paint I’m after without knocking other paints over.


My Leman Russ Tank Company is now complete! As ever, the original Mark 1 versions of the models are my favourite:

Leman Russ Tank Company

The lighting conditions were quite variable (it’s dull, wet and windy) but even so the photos could’ve been worse!

With luck I should have my Vindicator Tank Company complete next weekend.  After that, who knows, there’s still plenty to paint. I’ve got far too much infantry to build let alone paint and I’m starting to look at my EpicA Siege army again. I’ve also been thinking about actually painting my Imperial Roman army for use with Hail Caesar. To be fair I’ve only owned that particular army for 15 years so it shouldn’t really be anywhere near top of the pile yet! 😉

I’ve managed to finish off two Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries. These were surprisingly slow to paint considering there were only six of them. I’ve used the Space Marine V2 Rapier models for my Imperial Guard because the Space Marine V1 Rapiers, which are far more detailed, come with a Space Marine cast onto them and I just can’t face removing said Space Marine bits.

Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries


Next up will be possibly the ugliest Space Marine models that GW ever released. Yep, it’s the Space Marine V2 era breeze block Vindicators:

Fingers crossed these will be quick to paint! One tank has a miscast main gun so that needs green stuffing before I can paint it. I’ve also got to finish of my Leman Russ tank company, hopefully this weekend.

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog due to going on holiday but I’m back paintbrush in hand still plugging away with my Imperial Guard army!

Where are we at? Well, I’ve managed to finish my Baneblade Superheavy Tank Company. I’ve always liked the models, I should do as I’ve owned them since the very late 80’s, but there was a fair amount of mould slippage on the models that I struggled to clean up as well as I’d hoped to. Even so the models look very good considering their age.

Baneblade Company

With my Baneblades I spent a while wondering whether or not I should give the tanks company markings or not. Whilst I’ve given company markings to my Artillery models I just didn’t like the idea of large amounts of bright colours on my Baneblades so they’re not marked. I also decided against painting the turret of the command Baneblade, instead just turning the turret to one side so I’d know which is which.

I’ve nearly finished six stands of Rapiers, there’s about an hour of basing left to go with them then it’s onto my Leman Russ Tank Company. After that who knows!