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It’s been a while since I last did an update. Inbetween the job, family life, and me generally running around like a headless chicken time spent on my hobbies has been close to zero. Not great but sometimes that’s just how these things go.

Since I last did an update I’ve finally managed to pick up three Chimedon models from ebay for sensible money. Although completely pointless in the game I’d love to do a company made up of three Chimerro, three Chimerax and three Chimedon models with the appropriate command Chimera just for the fun of it. Unfortunately these models turn up infrequently on ebay and when they do they usually go for bonkers amounts of money so it’s unlikely I’ll manage this unless I get lucky. Like many other models from this era they’re very flat lifeless sculpts that don’t do much for me.

I was hoping to get the three Chimedons completely painted and based today but family life once again stepped in to eat at more time than I’d anticipated so hopefully they’ll be complete, with decent photos, next week.

What else? I’ve bought lots of Ork Horde Orks and some more original metal Space Marines. Speaking of Space Marines I’m starting to feel drawn towards painting bits of that army again, I think the endless sea of grey Imperial Guard tanks in this dull weather is starting to get to me! 😉