Over the last few months I’d started to notice that I was running out of space to store my existing Epic models and newly aquired ones from ebay. So, I decided to do a very dangerous thing and make an inventory of my models. Needless to say I owned a lot more than I thought I did!

The big surprise was discovering that I own 230 Imperial Guard vehicles. Ok, these are 6mm scale but even so.. 230! That’s not including, Titans, Imperial Navy or either of my Space Marine or Ork or Siegmaster armies (or the fact that there’s more I want to buy! 😀 ). To be fair I’ve been building my Epic armies since Space Marine first edition but even so!

The solution was to order another card case from Kaiser Rushforth (http://www.krmulticase.com/) and after some head scratching the following trays: 3x M4T, 1xM4H and 1x N4H. This would store nearly all of my Imperial Guard tanks for now and Super Heavies with ease. Not bad for £23 incl P&P. I realise that some people aren’t keen on the KRF cardboard cases but for me they’re just what I need, they’re easy to stack and store at home. Sure I wouldn’t take one on a plane but then they’re not designed for that and KRF do some great Aluminium ones for that.

So, what about the other models? Well they’re staying put for now, scattered across lots of smaller storage boxes rather than stored coherently.

Enough waffle, time to turn off the PC and get painting!


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