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I’ve been cleaning up and gluing my AT:SMv1 era vehicles I discovered two sides of a vehicle that don’t fit any of that era of Space Marine vehicles. Although they look like the vehicle sides that fit the original Rhino, Vindicator and Whirlwind models they’re slightly smaller and slightly more detailed:


Note: that I’ve not removed any flash from the vehicle sides.

The differences between the mystery vehicle sides and the usual ones are as follows:

* More detailed lights.
* More detailed tracks.
* More detailed wheels.
* More detailed stowage area.
* The exhaust has four holes in it and not three.
* Less detail on the top of the exhaust.
* The doors are slightly smaller.
* The hole the body plugs into is smaller.

Below is a comparison with the mystery sides at the top, usual vehicle sides in the middle and Predator vehicle sides at the bottom:


And a closer comparison between the mystery sides at the top and the usual vehicle sides at the bottom:


The position of the gaps a body would plug into with the mystery one at the top and a standard one at the bottom:


The metal is consistent with the sides released during the AT:SMv1 era and it looks like it contains lead. Because of this, and the fact that they’ve been in a box for twenty plus years(!), I don’t believe they’re fan made.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the vehicle body that the sides connect onto and I can’t remember where I got these vehicle sides from. Could they be from a very early version of the AT:SMv1 Rhino that was changed to a less detailed part to make casting easier? Do I have part of an unreleased sculpt? Something else? Answers on a postcard..! 🙂


I’ve managed to have a productive day today, my first Rocket Company is complete!

Rocket Company 1




At the start I mentioned that this is my first Rocket Company and that’s because I’ve got enough models to put together a second Rocket Company using the second version of the Manticore models. Will either of these companies ever be used? Probably not but I’m painting them more for the fun of it than anything else.

It seems that I’ve been getting confused in my old age with the Space Marine 2nd edition Artillery and Rocket Companies and the EpicA Artillery Company. This means that my previous post mixing Manticores with Basilisks and Bombards for SM2nd is wrong. I’d completely forgotten that Artillery and Rocket Companies in SM2nd existed as separate entities. Well I say “I forgot” when I’ve actually lost the Rocket Company card at some point from my Armies Of The Imperium box and I only discovered this when skimming the Space Marine battles book and noticed it mentioned two different types. Not to worry, I can easily manage both company types using old models and even better than that I’ve already got six Manticores painted and based! 🙂

Time to go to The Miniatures Page to confirm what actually made up a Rocket Company (6 Manticores, 3 Whirlwinds plus command? 9 Manticores plus command?).