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The last time I posted I was wondering wondered about these vehicle sides:


Those thoroughly nice people on the “Epic Space Marine 40k” Facebook Group solved the mystery in about 1 second of me posting, they’re quicker than the experts on The Miniatures Page! They’re the original sides from the Mk1 Space Marine Whirlwind:


So, there we go! 🙂 What surprises me is how many Mk1 Space Marine Whirlwinds I own (I’ve got them in both my Imperial Guard and Space Marine armies) yet I only have one pair of these sides, you’d think I would own a few more.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished my first Salamander Legion Tactical Detachment:


Given that I’ve painted huge amounts of Imperial Guard infantry just painting eight bases of Space Marines was a breeze! I would’ve loved to paint chapter markings on the Space Marines but I’m just not that masochistic!

I started to paint my Legion Jet Bikes (well, the Mk2 Space Marine ones) and I was hoping to have them finished today but my new pot of Vallejo black paint is currently coming out gloss meaning that I can’t finish those bikes yet. I guess I’ll just have to keep shaking that pot of paint!

Instead, I’ve started to paint my Legion Land Raider Battle Squadron:


These metal models paint up really well (not that you can tell in my photo) which is impressive when you consider their age! Once the Land Raiders are finished I’ll start work on my second Legion Tactical Detachment.


Now that I’m back from my holiday I’ve been spending limited my free time sorting my Epic Ork and Space Marine armies out. This meant actually working out an inventory of what I’ve got for each army and how I can best make the armies work for both Space Marine 2nd edition and EpicA. I already have my Space Marine army worked out for EpicA so retrofitting it for Space Marine 2nd edition was quite easy. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that I can field every type of SM company, I new my years of hoarding Epic models would pay off! 🙂

Flicking through the Warlords supplement, it was interesting to see just how much character they stripped out of the Ork army when they moved to EpicA. Jervis recognises in the EpicA rulebook that “some players don’t like this abstraction” and you can put me in the “don’t like” camp. I completely understand the whole “Orks are now a barbaric horde” army thing but I’m really not keen on it. Even so I’ve got enough models for either four Clans of Orks which is enough for over three ‘Uge formations in EpicA. Clan wise I’m aiming to get a few more Orks so that I can cover all of the six Clans. I’m not massively keen on GW’s prices for their Epic ranges so I’ll keep scouring ebay.

Because of all the above I’ve spent a fascinating two days rebasing Epic Ork and Epic Space Marine models from their oldschool square bases and onto the current skirmish strip bases because I’ve never been a fan of the old square bases and I really like the look of the current bases. There were a few casualties along the way, a small number of Assault Marines snapping at the knee, but I was expecting worse and they can always be carefully glued back together.

Having glued all of my infantry onto bases I was facing the issue of how I was going to store them. For 6mm plastic infantry the thought of buying cases with foam trays is a bit of an overkill imo. Instead I’ve used the below plastic case that’s designed for drill bits, nails, screws and the like that I refound when rummaging through the garage:



I bought it in a long gone pound shop for, surprisingly, one pound. Currently I’ve only put painted models into it but it should cope with all of my infantry models given that there’s storage on both sides. The unpainted models are sat in separate boxes counting down the years until they’re eventually painted.

I was recently really stuck with how to paint my Beastman Company. Given how many stands make up a Beastman Company (32) and that this company isn’t used beyond 2nd edition Space Marine I wanted something that would both look good but also be reasonably quick to achieve. The end result is:

I was originally intending to paint their horns a different colour to the rest of their bodies but I couldn’t find anything that worked and I actually quite like them being the same colour as the bodies. You’ll also notice that I haven’t painted the arm armour on the Beastmen, I’m still in two minds as to whether or not I will because I don’t paint every single tiny detail on 6mm infantry (I’m not that masochistic) and I’m not sure that it really matters. We’ll see, I’ve got another 31 stands of Beastmen infantry to paint!

So, how do I paint them?

Stage 1 – Vallejo Leather Brown basecoat

Stage 2 – GW Ogryn Flesh Wash

Stage 3 – GW Chaos Black on weapons, armour and hooves

Stage 4 – Vallejo Gun Metal Grey on weapons and armour

Stage 5 – GW Badab Black Wash on weapons and armour

Stage 6 – Vallejo Sombre Grey on clothing followed by GW Badab Black Wash on clothing

Finally.. based!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post due to family obligations followed by getting the worst cold I’ve had all year. Oh well eh? Even so today I’ve managed to finish my Infantry Company!

Infantry Company

So what’s next? I’m halfway through painting my Artillery Company but I’m finding that a bit boring to paint but I should really finish it. I’ve also finally got enough Imperial Guard Beastmen models to build a Beastman company but I need to base them before I can paint them. Decisions decisions!

Another dull weekend weather wise has slowed my progress on finishing the last few stands for my Infantry Company. If I’m lucky I’ll get the below finished apart from their bases tomorrow. Slow progress but some progress is better than no progress.