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Like a lot of wargamers I ‘ve got too many projects on the go and I dip in and out of them as the mood takes me. One project I’ve been working on on a very ad-hoc basis is building a Minervan Armoured Legion for as little money as I can manage while I concentrate on my main Epic projects; Vraks and Krieg.

The Minervan Armoured Legion is a fun project because, unsurprisingly, you get to field a wide variety of tanks. Not only that but there’s a lot of scope to convert the Leman Russ variant tanks available for use with this army. Some of might be thinking why would I want to convert the tanks when the Forgeworld models are reasonably readily available? There are three reasons for this:

Firstly, I’m not willing to pay what some of these Forgeworld tanks go for on the second hand market. For example, Leman Russ Tank Destroyers for an average for £8-10 each? That’s far too pricey for me!

Secondly, (this is going to make me sound a bit weird) I like my tank sculpts within an army to look coherent, particularly the tracks. I realise that in a real world conflict involving armoured vehicles are all shapes and sizes but on the wargames table I like a nice coherent look if I can achieve that. Moving swiftly on…

Thirdly, Forgeworld didn’t release sculpts for the Leman Russ Annihilator or Exterminator variants, although the Annihilator variant isn’t in the Minervan Armoured Legion.

I skimmed through the army list and decided to convert three Leman Russ Exterminators using some broken Leman Russ Tanks I won on ebay:


How did I convert them? When I got hold of my Vraksian Malcador tanks they came with two types of guns meaning that they could be built as either the standard Malcadors or Malcador Annihilators. I’m intending to only build three of the Malcadors as Annihilators leaving me with seven of the below Annihilator guns:

The mold slippage is quite bad on some of them, which is surprising given how cleanly cast the tanks are, but these guns are actually very quick to clean up. To remove the Lascannon look the Annihilator guns have I filed down the angular barrel. I think it works enough, this is 6mm scale after all!

Next up will be converting Executioner, Destroyer and Thunderer variants which don’t actually look to difficult to achieve.


It’s certainly been a while since I last did an update but that’s not to say that I’ve not been beavering away in the background. I finished my first lot of Zombie Cavalry a few weeks ago and they turned out very well, not that you can tell in the below photo:


In the background you can see another five cavalry models, two of which are on skeletal steeds. Since this photo was taken I’ve removed the two skeletal steed models and replaced them with one of the lizard horses and another zombie horse. The reason for doing this was because the skeletal steeds will take ages to paint in comparison to five zombie cavalry. No photos yet but needless to say it’s been slow progress!

In other news, I’ve managed to get hold of the Forgeworld aircraft I missed out on just as Forgeworld pulled the plug on supporting their Epic and AI range. I paid £15 each for my FW Thunderbolts but I’ve seen them hit £30 each regularly in the last few weeks and I, amazingly, got my FW Marauder Bombers for under a tenner a pop. Which was nice. 🙂 They’re also really great models. Although my Epic IG army based on FW models is coming along a treat I won’t have time to build the models, let alone paint them, this year. Ah well it’s not like they’re going to go out of date.

Last week I did something that I didn’t think I would ever do. I made my final order with GW. I’ve been buying stuff from GW since the very early 80’s. I didn’t, and still haven’t, bought from them exclusively because there are just too many companies out there releasing great rulesets and lovely looking miniatures. As GW kept raising their prices I bought less and less from them until I was only buying a couple of models here and there each year. When the Epic bug bit me again I did splurge out, spending far too much money on 6mm models, but I don’t have any regrets with that. Since Specialist Games and their models have been completely killed off by both GW and FW there really isn’t anything that interests me at all. I don’t like 40k, I lost interest with 3rd edition, and I gave up with WHFB with 7th edition. Finecast is, well, we all know what it’s like and I’m not a huge fan of plastic models.

Anyway, I bought two of their modular movement tray sets because I want to base some models using abnormal movement tray widths. I spent quite a bit of time trawling ebay to see what was available from smaller companies and although there is a lot of choice when it comes to laser cut MDF at a really great price, I thought the GW sets actually looked pretty good for the money, even at a tenner a set:


So, today I spent the afternoon cursing that I ever bought the things. On the face of it they’re quite a good idea; you get enough bits to make quite a few movement trays and they look nice and easy to use. The reality is that they’re fiddly to construct and you can’t make a good fit around your figure bases without spending quite a lot of time very carefully cutting them with a metal ruler. I suppose some out there will enjoy the extra time you spend building the things and think that this is free added value that GW is kind enough to give them but I’ve really got better things to do with my limited time. They get a 2/5 from me and I’d recommend scouring ebay for cheaper alternatives.

After much procrastination I worked out how to paint my Zombie Cavalry. A test model can be seen below:


It was fairly simple but it looks good enough for me.  The horse was undercoated black, the bone detail was picked out, then the horse was base coated with Vallejo Leather Brown. After a couple of coats of Vallejo Leather Brown the horse was generously washed with Devlan Mud. Once that had dried the horse was washed with Ogryn Flesh Wash. When that had dried all wounds and areas around the bone were washed with Baal Red a number of times. With other horses I tried different basecoats finding that Vallejo Beasty Brown gave a very nice result (pictures will follow at some point!) but Vallejo Dark Flesh was disappointing as it resulted in a muddy finish.

In other news both GW and Forgeworld are winding down their Specialist Games and Epic/Aeronautic Imperialis ranges. What this means is that when they run of particular models they won’t be casting anymore. I’m not surprised that GW are doing this, I expected this when they released their Finecast range, but FW? This really came out of nowhere! If this is news to you then good luck panic buying what’s left because there’s pretty much nothing left. I’m sure the usual gits bought remaining stock with the intention of re-selling it on ebay for stupidly inflated prices and I pass wind in their general direction.

The worst thing about all of this is that not every game can be easily played with other manufacturers models. Bloodbowl, Mordheim, Necromunda and Warmaster players are all very well catered for elsewhere but when it comes to Battlefleet Gothic and Inquisitor things get a bit more difficult. With Epic it’s a mixed bag, there are plenty of 6mm modern/sci-fi manufacturers out there but for most of their armies you’re either going to need to do some decent scratchbuilding and ebaying to get what you need. So, all in all, it’s sad times.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last did an update! I knew life was getting particularly busy behind the scenes but I didn’t realise just how little I’d done hobby wise. Oh dear.. So where are we? Well I finally worked out the paint scheme for my Forgeworld Epic army. After much pondering I decided to go with early WW2 French as I like the colourscheme and it’s fun to paint. Camo is quite timeconsuming to paint but I’m not intending to paint a huge amount of models for this army. Below is a WIP of an Epic40k Hellhound, it looks much more messy close up than it does in reality:


I’ve still not decided how I’m going to paint things like baggage, netting, sandbags, ablative armour etc etc. I’ve also managed to get quite a lot of OOP Forgeworld models from ebay for a very reasonable price and this includes lots of Chimera, including some with Heavy Bolter turrets. All good stuff but apart from cleaning them up not much has happened with them. I’ve also managed to get hold of enough original Imperial Guard infantry to field every Imperial Guard Company in Armies of the Imperium at the same time. It has to be said that I’m not looking forward to painting them! Of course all of that infantry means buying some more vehicles and, after losing many auctions on ebay, I got my third Mole model. Unfortunately it was incomplete, something I knew when bidding on it, and missing it’s pneumatic arm but that was easily solved with a quick kitbash:

The picture below shows a pneumatic arm taken from another Mole and bits taken from both a broken skeleton and zombie standard:


After few minutes of careful cutting and gluing we have a new pneumatic arm:


Obviously it doesn’t look exactly like the original but it’s good enough for me. Finally, we can see the new pneumatic arm on the model:


This sort of kitbash is a good reminder to never throw even broken bits out because you never know when they’ll come in handy.

It may look like I’m starting to get back into painting Epic models but I’m actually putting them on hold for a couple of months because I’m busy painting my very old WHFB 3rd edition Undead army for the Oldhammer day taking place at Wargames Foundry. I’ve literally got hundreds of Undead infantry painted but an infantry force will be carefully picked apart and destroyed through instability so I need to paint quite a lot of models to create a more flexible force. Behind the scenes I’ve been busy putting models together and, as of today, I’m starting on a small unit of five zombie cavalry:


I own twenty cavalry models from the 3rd edition Undead range but, realistically, I’ll only need to paint ten up because that’s all I require for the day. The plan is to initially paint five zombie cavalry then five skeleton cavalry. If I’m on a roll painting them I will paint the remaining ten models. After that I’ve got skull chuckers, character models, a plague cart, giant bats, chariots, it’s never ending!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last did a blog update. In my defense there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes and my ISP, the ever unreliable Virgin Media, failed to provide me with a working Internet connection for the last two weeks. Oh well..

Anyhow, with the weather having very hit and miss at the weekends, which is when I normally paint, I’ve been spending time building my Baran Siegemasters. I’ve been dipping in and out of building this army since I got it whenever I can’t be bothered to paint. However, I’ve decided that this is the year that I finish building it all and actually paint the thing while I simulatenously paint my existing Epic army.

When I first saw this army in Fanatic magazine I hated it because the models looked ugly and the paint job was absolutely cronic. Over time, however, I started to warm to the ugliness of the models to the point where I took the plunge and spent far too much money building the army.

One of the things I did like was the integrated scenic bases that artillery and support weapons came on. In reality I didn’t realise just how tedious they would be to greenstuff. Thankfully that’s all now been done!

Blitzen AA


Thudd Guns

thudd gun



It has to be said that I’m not looking forward to putting my Bruennhilde Company together.

Speaking of Companys I’m also working on my Imperial Guard Gorgon Company:

Imperial Guard Gorgon Company


With the festivities finally over I’ve spent the day cleaning up and building a variety of Epic Imperial Guard models from my collection with the intention of painting them this year. I didn’t take photos of everything as an assembled Epic 40k Hydra is an *ok* model but not exactly earth shattering stuff. I will say that the EpicA Basilisk model is a really great model and it looks much better in the flesh than it does on the GW website. Unfortunately, like my EpicA Leman Russ models, the casting quality is disappointingly average. However, luckily for me, I snagged nine of these models on ebay for under a fiver so I can’t complain too much. Even so, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to pay thirty quid for them new!

Speaking of Basilisks I managed to start cleaning up and building my Forgeworld Earthshaker Carriages pulled by Trojan support vehicles:


(I’ve not stuck the side feet onto the model and that will make painting the gun difficult)

I was very lucky to get my hands on four of these models in December from ebay. They’re lovely sculpts and should look great once painted up. The downside was that I managed to damage two of the gun floors when cutting where the resin pours into the mold:


It’s nothing that can’t be fixed but annoying all the same. Moreso given that I should’ve remembered to be a bit more careful having already done this with a couple of my Medusas a couple of years ago. Oops.

Continuing the Forgeworld theme I also pulled my finger out and built my Manticores:


These are very clean sculpts but I’m not overly enamoured with them as models for some odd reason, they just do nothing for me.

Although I’ve still got mountains of Epic models to clean up and build I realised why I’ve recently got a bit bored of painting them. Quite simply I’ve been painting models I’m less enthusiastic about and this has ground me down a bit. So, the plan to get over this is to paint models I enjoy then every so often throw in the models I’m not as keen on. Here’s hoping that it works.

I’ve finally finished painting six Mark 1 Imperial Guard Hellhound, the models that ground down all enthusiasm I had for painting. These aren’t just ugly models they look weird as well, hence my lack of interest in finishing them off. I mean, seriously, could you imagine a 40k scale version of these? Nope, me either. To be fair they actually painted up better than I was expecting, I gave them a much harsher Lavado wash than I normally would but I wanted these to look grimy and covered in soot from firing their flamethrower.