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The last time I posted I was wondering wondered about these vehicle sides:


Those thoroughly nice people on the “Epic Space Marine 40k” Facebook Group solved the mystery in about 1 second of me posting, they’re quicker than the experts on The Miniatures Page! They’re the original sides from the Mk1 Space Marine Whirlwind:


So, there we go! 🙂 What surprises me is how many Mk1 Space Marine Whirlwinds I own (I’ve got them in both my Imperial Guard and Space Marine armies) yet I only have one pair of these sides, you’d think I would own a few more.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished my first Salamander Legion Tactical Detachment:


Given that I’ve painted huge amounts of Imperial Guard infantry just painting eight bases of Space Marines was a breeze! I would’ve loved to paint chapter markings on the Space Marines but I’m just not that masochistic!

I started to paint my Legion Jet Bikes (well, the Mk2 Space Marine ones) and I was hoping to have them finished today but my new pot of Vallejo black paint is currently coming out gloss meaning that I can’t finish those bikes yet. I guess I’ll just have to keep shaking that pot of paint!

Instead, I’ve started to paint my Legion Land Raider Battle Squadron:


These metal models paint up really well (not that you can tell in my photo) which is impressive when you consider their age! Once the Land Raiders are finished I’ll start work on my second Legion Tactical Detachment.


The painting of my Steel Legion army has stalled due to the models needing stripping and repainting which has drained my enthusiasm for the project for the time being. Instead I began to sort out my Epic Space Marines with the intention of painting an EpicA Codex Space Marine army that could also fit in with my Space Marine 2nd edition Space Marine army. As I was going through the models I own it occurred to me that with a bit of planning I could put together a 30k Heresy Era Space Marine army list using my MK6 Beakies from Space Marine 1st edition and metal vehicles from that era. I realise that technically 30k Space Marines wore MKIV armour but at a 6mm scale I don’t think it matters too much if I use MK6 models.

But which Chapter should I paint? A few years ago I’d painted about 50 bases of MK6 models a rather bright blue that I’ve never been happy with and the vehicles looked dreadful in that colour scheme so after an awful lot of pondering I’ve decided to go with Salamanders. Below are some quick test models showing the green colour scheme. Obviously the models aren’t quite finished:


Rhino Test

MK6 Space Marines

Infantry Test

The green is quick and easy to paint and looks good in the flesh as opposed to my photos which look washed out. I realise that Salamanders have black shoulder armour but I’m not 100% sure if I want to go down that route on my MK6 models yet.

I’ll worry about getting hold of the rarer models such as Fellblades, Glaives and the like later on once I’ve got the basics painted.