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With the festivities finally over I’ve spent the day cleaning up and building a variety of Epic Imperial Guard models from my collection with the intention of painting them this year. I didn’t take photos of everything as an assembled Epic 40k Hydra is an *ok* model but not exactly earth shattering stuff. I will say that the EpicA Basilisk model is a really great model and it looks much better in the flesh than it does on the GW website. Unfortunately, like my EpicA Leman Russ models, the casting quality is disappointingly average. However, luckily for me, I snagged nine of these models on ebay for under a fiver so I can’t complain too much. Even so, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to pay thirty quid for them new!

Speaking of Basilisks I managed to start cleaning up and building my Forgeworld Earthshaker Carriages pulled by Trojan support vehicles:


(I’ve not stuck the side feet onto the model and that will make painting the gun difficult)

I was very lucky to get my hands on four of these models in December from ebay. They’re lovely sculpts and should look great once painted up. The downside was that I managed to damage two of the gun floors when cutting where the resin pours into the mold:


It’s nothing that can’t be fixed but annoying all the same. Moreso given that I should’ve remembered to be a bit more careful having already done this with a couple of my Medusas a couple of years ago. Oops.

Continuing the Forgeworld theme I also pulled my finger out and built my Manticores:


These are very clean sculpts but I’m not overly enamoured with them as models for some odd reason, they just do nothing for me.

Although I’ve still got mountains of Epic models to clean up and build I realised why I’ve recently got a bit bored of painting them. Quite simply I’ve been painting models I’m less enthusiastic about and this has ground me down a bit. So, the plan to get over this is to paint models I enjoy then every so often throw in the models I’m not as keen on. Here’s hoping that it works.