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I’ve finally managed to actually start painting my World Eaters. This is quite an achievement considering I’ve not painted anything for months.

First up are the original plastic Dreadnoughts. There’s not a lot of detail or definition on these but I like the design and they painted up fairly well:


Some close ups:


I was lucky enough to get hold of eight Forumware Rhinos a year or so ago and I painted one to work out the colour scheme. The detail on these is fantastic and it painted up a treat:


The base isn’t finished, hence why the paint is still wet on it. It’s a shame that the production of these miniatures was so short lived.

Finally, I started to paint an old Space Marine 1st Edition Blood Thirster that I’m using as a Daemon Prince:


It’s a really great miniature, moreso when you consider the age of the sculpt is around 29 years. No that doesn’t make me feel old. Not one bit. *cough*