Over the Christmas break I took some time to update my spreadsheet inventory of my Imperial Guard miniatures because I bought so many of them last year (and this year, oops!) I was a bit lost with which models I was intending to use with which army. After juggling things around on said spreadsheet I realised that I had enough models to run a Cadian Shock Troops list. This list would give me the opportunity to scratch build a couple of Stormlord Super Heavy tanks (I realise that the Stormlord Super Heavy tanks are “out there in the wild” but I’ve failed to get hold of any) and I would finally be able to field a Leviathan in EpicA in a “proper” list.

I really like the idea behind the Imperial Guard Leviathan. There’s just something about an Imperial Guard army backed up by huge Leviathan command centres that appeals to me more than using Titans. I own three in my Heresy era Imperial Guard army because you need to field at least three of them in a list to make using them worthwhile due to them being such juicy targets. However, I’ve never been a fan of the sculpt. It’s an ugly beast, with little detail, and getting it to fit together properly is an exercise in patience with an end result that just makes me go “meh”. Mine have been half painted for years and looking at them now I just can’t build up any enthusiasm to finish painting them.


Anyway, I wanted to keep all three of my half painted ones for my Heresy era Imperial Guard army and the thought of coughing up £12-£15 for another model I don’t like didn’t appeal. I’ve been aware of Troublemaker Games for a while and their Troublemaker Novan Dictum Command Centre looked like a decent update of the classic (classic?) Citadel model:


First impressions of the model are very good. The detail is well defined and the casting is crisp with no flash.


I really liked that the model has internal detail for those who want to keep the rear doors open on their model. I’ll be gluing my doors shut but it’s a nice touch all the same.


Attempting to dry fit the model proved tricky. Like the Citadel one the two halves of the main body of the model don’t fit flush and the tracks didn’t fit particularly well into the main body of the model. To be fair, it’s nothing shocking but it is a reminder that multipart metal models like this require a bit more preparation before assembly. Oh and green stuff. 😉 Below is a photo of the initial dry fit:


Some size comparisons with the initial dry fit of the model:




All in all I’m really impressed with it. It fits perfectly with my existing Epic models and has enough detail to make painting it rewarding. All I need to do now is put it together properly.

  1. Wudugast says:

    Totally agree regarding the Leviathans – I like the Titans (who doesn’t) but there’s just something so incredibly ‘40k’ about a mobile-fortress. Oversized, over-engineered, ridiculously impractical, clearly designed without any consideration of expense or common sense – basically everything that makes the Imperium great! If only they made them for 40k (althoughif they did they’d be unbelievably expensive and I’d probably need to get an extension to store it in).

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