Zombie Cavalry update

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Having spent the weekend with an absolutely stinking headcold I’ve not felt massively in the mood to paint. That said I did do a tiny bit more work on my zombie cavalry. The photos below show the difference in the colour of the horses depending on the basecoat used.

Vallejo Leather Brown basecoat



Vallejo Beasty Brown bastcoat



It’s a subtle difference but when ranked up it stops the horses from all looking the same.

As I type this three of the horses have been finished and just need basing, meaning that I’m struggling to work out how to paint two of the remaining riders. I honestly thought that painting zombie cavalry would be a very quick process, given how quickly I can paint zombies, but it’s turned out to be an incredibly slow process because each model is like painting a character model. I was looking at one of the models and I thought “Gah! Why is there so much detail on this figure!” a model from the mid 80’s no less.

Once the five zombie cavalry models are painted I’m hoping that painting some of my skeleton cavalry will be a much quicker process. In order to speed that up four of the cavalry riders are identical and just their steeds are different. After that I need to crack on with my Skull Chuckers and metal Undead Chariots.


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