Zombie cavalry

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After a very busy couple of weeks at work and at home I’m still trying to squeeze in painting two sets of Undead Cavalry both skeletal and zombie. I’ve been concentrating on my zombie cavalry because they’re great fun to paint and two of the models are real favourites of mine. I find this strange because when they were released I absolutely hated the Citadel zombie horses. I don’t know why but I always thought they were a bit naff and I much prefered the skeletal horses from the same range. Fast forward some 30 years and I now love their zombie horses and yawn politely at the skeletal horses. Very odd!

Anyhow, getting back to the zombie cavalry, this has been going rather slow because, and this sounds a bit stupid, I have no idea how to paint zombie horses. Over the years I’ve painted an awful lot of skeletons and skeletal steeds but when it comes to zombie horses I’m a bit stumped. I’ve read plenty of how articles on to paint horses but I’ve never had to put it into practice let alone with zombie horses. There’s still a bit of time before I’ll actually be painting the horses but it’s getting closer and I still keep looking at them wondering how on earth I’m going to paint them.

These are the three zombie cavalry I’ve been working on:


The photos don’t really do them justice, the one on the left looks much less harshly dry brushed in real life. The one in the middle and the one on the right are my absolute favourites from the range.

Out of the remaining two cavalry models, one of the cavalry riders didn’t fit too well on his horse:


But after some greenstuffing he’s sorted:



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