The best model soldiers in the world!

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Over a year ago I bought a box of EpicA Leman Russ tanks directly from Games Workshop with the idea being that it was quicker and easier to pay over the odds for the models to get them all at once rather than piecemeal via ebay. When they arrived, I checked the contents to ensure that they were complete and they sat on the unpainted lead pile. Fast forward to yesterday and I finally dug them out with the intention of cleaning them up and building them. This is when I noticed just how poor the casts are to the point where I’m really quite annoyed that I paid a premium price for such dreadful casts. The examples below were done using one of the EpicA Leman Russ tanks, picked at random, against the Epic40k equivalent sculpts that I bought from ebay as a sealed blister pack. Have a look below and see just how dreadful the casting quality is of the models Games Workshop are currently selling:

Body comparison – EpicA L Epic40k R


Side comparison – EpicA


Side comparison – Epic40k


Not only is the casting quality extremely poor, I’ve seen better amatuer recasts, but the tanks are actually about 1mm smaller than the Epic40k versions. Had I actually noticed all of this when I bought them they would’ve been sent straight back. Unfortunately, given that it’s over a year since I bought them, sending them back isn’t an option. So, all I can say is “The best model soldiers in the world!” my arse.


In more positive news my Chimedons are now complete:


The photo isn’t great due but it gives you an idea of just how boring these models look.

By sheer coincidence I was routing around my bits box today and I discovered that I had another Chimedon turret and a spare Epic40k era Chimera minus its turret. You know what’s coming next.. below is the dry fit version of the model, note that the turret looks wonky because it’s plug is currently too large for the Chimeras hole:


Now THAT is how an assault APC should look! 🙂

  1. Toco says:

    You’re absolutely right. But the game is sooo maazing that we all keep buying Epic from various sources, aren’t we 🙂

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