Imperial Guard armies

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I finally get a free Sunday and I wake up with an absolutely stinking cold that’s making it impossible to concentrate properly on painting or even prepping models. No good.

Even so it’s given me time to re-read through my Epic books and supplements, including the unofficial fan supplements “Epic Raiders” and “Epic Siege”.

Not from my collection

As ever this got me thinking about the Epic models in my collection and how I can get best use out of my Imperial Guard models but at the same time stretching my painting a bit because I’m beginning to feel as though I’m becoming stuck in a rut with how I’m painting them. The idea is to continue painting my “classic” Imperial Guard models as I have been and to follow this colourscheme through with my Steel Legion Imperial Guard using Epic40k era models. However, to stretch myself a new colourscheme will be used for my Baran Siege and Kreig armies using primarily either Baran Siege or Forgeworld models. To make life more challenging the idea is to use models from my Baran Siege and Kreig armies, along with some other bits and pieces from Forgeworld, that will allow me to field the Steel Legion armylist using a combination of the Baran Siege and Kreig armies.

The problem, other than me attempting to buy long out of production Forgeworld Imperial Guard Chimera models for a sane price, is that I’m not 100% sure which colourscheme to go for. I want to paint the models using Vallejo Model Color instead of the brighter Vallejo Game Color and I’m leaning towards a WW1 or WW2 colourscheme. It’s obvious to do WW1 or WW2 Germans so to avoid that I’m thinking about WW2 Russian. The Baran Siege army lends itself well to a Russian colourscheme but I need to do further research before I decide if Russian is the way to go. I’m not convinced that the infantry in greatcoats will look right painted as traditional WW2 Russian infantry and I might find the endless sea of green tanks becoming tedious to paint.

Btw, both Raiders and Siege are available as free PDF’s from If you can get hold of them as books I’d recommend that because they’re very nicely put together, especially Epic Siege.


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