Epic Space Marines

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I recently discovered three Epic Space Marine models I didn’t realise I still owned.

You could briefly buy these lead versions of the plastic marines plus lead command sprues around the time when the Codex Titanicus supplement for Adeptus Titanicus was released. I bought a couple of blister packs of these models and, stupidly, years later I traded them with a friend for some Warhammer Empire models that have long since been sold on ebay. I’ve always regretted trading the Epic Marine models because they’re very hard to come buy now and they’re great figures for the scale. Even so, every so often one or two of them turn up in unlikely places as I’m searching for something else. The commander figure, on the right, is damaged and will need some repair work doing to him before he’s painted.

The intention is to use these metal Space Marines as command stands. The figures are slightly too large to fit any of the Space Marine or Epic bases which means that, unfortunately, they have to be clipped to fit into said bases.

In other news I managed to get around to building a Gargant. You can’t tell from the below photo but he’s, ahem, “excited” to see his opponents. 😉

I really love the original 1st edition Space Marine Gargants but I’m not too sure about this updated version, that was released for 2nd edition Space Marine, because the head reminds me of Metal Mickey. If you know who Metal Mickey is without looking then congratulations you’re probably as old as me. 😉

Having spent a fair bit of my free time rummaging around my Epic collection and whatnot I’ve also started painting Epic Imperial Guard vehicles again but I’ll save those for my blogs next update.


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