Judge Patton

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As I mentioned in my last post something exciting is happening this September. What is it? It’s Dredd 3D! As a huge fan of Judge Dredd it’s fair to say that having seen the HD trailer I’m literally counting down the days to this one! 🙂

It’s this excitement that got me digging out, and dusting off, my old Citadel Judge Dredd figures that I mostly bought back in 1986-87. I say mostly because I bought a few figures from this range last year on ebay and, unfortunately, one of them, Judge Patton, turned up missing his feet which was very annoying because the seller had hidden this problem. We came to an acceptible resolution but I was still left with a footless Judge:


So, inbetween grinding through my Heavy Company (just the basing to complete!) I sculpted some new feet for Judge Patton and they turned out much better than expected:

Now to start stripping all of my old Judge Dredd models inbetween painting my Epic models.


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