Hell(bore) yes!

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After much searching on ebay I finally snagged a Hellbore model for a reasonable (i.e. not insane) price. Even better than that I got two of them! Well, sort of.. As you can see below one Hellbore is complete but the other has been chopped in half to show it emerging from the ground. This is actually exactly what I’m after because it allows me to build the Hellbore as a complete model and it also provides me with the transporter for when the Hellbore is busy burrowing through the ground and the emerging Hellbore for when it’s emerging. Yep, I’m well pleased! 😀

Having a quick check I’ve also got enough models to build all of the infantry required for this company as well. I’m sure painting 32 stands of infantry will be loads of fun. Erm.. 😉


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