Leman Russ Tank Company

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My Leman Russ Tank Company is now complete! As ever, the original Mark 1 versions of the models are my favourite:

Leman Russ Tank Company

The lighting conditions were quite variable (it’s dull, wet and windy) but even so the photos could’ve been worse!

With luck I should have my Vindicator Tank Company complete next weekend.  After that, who knows, there’s still plenty to paint. I’ve got far too much infantry to build let alone paint and I’m starting to look at my EpicA Siege army again. I’ve also been thinking about actually painting my Imperial Roman army for use with Hail Caesar. To be fair I’ve only owned that particular army for 15 years so it shouldn’t really be anywhere near top of the pile yet! 😉

  1. psypher says:

    I love the colour schemes. What paints/colours did you use?

    • bugstomper16 says:

      It’s a very simple paint job:

      01. Prime black
      02. Basecoat Vallejo Sombre Grey
      03. Wash liberally with Vallejo Black Dipping Formula (I got mine from EM4 Miniatures). Remember to shake the bottle thoroughly before washing overwise it can go a bit gloss.
      04. Very light drybrush of Vallejo Sombre Grey. I do two or three very light passes with the drybrush rather than one heavier pass.
      05. Tracks are the Vallejo equivalent of GW’s Chainmail (the label’s come off my Vallejo paint).
      06. Badab Black wash on the tracks.
      07. Vallejo matt varnish.

      I can’t remember what I used for the red on the command tank.

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