Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’ve managed to finish off two Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries. These were surprisingly slow to paint considering there were only six of them. I’ve used the Space Marine V2 Rapier models for my Imperial Guard because the Space Marine V1 Rapiers, which are far more detailed, come with a Space Marine cast onto them and I just can’t face removing said Space Marine bits.

Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries


Next up will be possibly the ugliest Space Marine models that GW ever released. Yep, it’s the Space Marine V2 era breeze block Vindicators:

Fingers crossed these will be quick to paint! One tank has a miscast main gun so that needs green stuffing before I can paint it. I’ve also got to finish of my Leman Russ tank company, hopefully this weekend.


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