Baneblade Company

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It’s been a while since I last updated this blog due to going on holiday but I’m back paintbrush in hand still plugging away with my Imperial Guard army!

Where are we at? Well, I’ve managed to finish my Baneblade Superheavy Tank Company. I’ve always liked the models, I should do as I’ve owned them since the very late 80’s, but there was a fair amount of mould slippage on the models that I struggled to clean up as well as I’d hoped to. Even so the models look very good considering their age.

Baneblade Company

With my Baneblades I spent a while wondering whether or not I should give the tanks company markings or not. Whilst I’ve given company markings to my Artillery models I just didn’t like the idea of large amounts of bright colours on my Baneblades so they’re not marked. I also decided against painting the turret of the command Baneblade, instead just turning the turret to one side so I’d know which is which.

I’ve nearly finished six stands of Rapiers, there’s about an hour of basing left to go with them then it’s onto my Leman Russ Tank Company. After that who knows!


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