Although I painted these last year I thought they’d be worth showing because the models look quite ugly until you paint them. The models were never actually released with the guns on the carriage I’ve glued them to but they fit the look of my army on said carriages. Flak Batteries were part of 2nd edition Space Marine but I’ve got absolutely memory of them being used in game nor can I find any rules for them! I guess they were part of a WD article I don’t have.

Hydra Flak Batteries

Hydra Flak Battery One

Hydra Flak Battery Two

You’ll notice that half of the barrels look drilled out, they’re not they were cast that way. I made the decision not to drill the barrels out because I find that job tedious and it would then mean I’d have to think about drilling all barrels on all models out.

In other news I’ve been busy prepping my Leman Russ Company as well as cleaning up my Leviathans.


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