Forgeworld going Finecast

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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There’s been a rumour circulating online for the last few days that Forgeworld are going to be shifting from their usual resin to Finecast. Initially I didn’t believe it but I found some pictures of the 40k Krieg troopers cast as Finecast (sorry no pics here). My heart sank. There are still quite a lot of models I’d like to buy from FW for both EpicA and AI but I really don’t want them in Finecast.

I discussed this on another forum and one poster mentioned that because FW is a smaller operation the casting should be better quality than that of GW (I don’t want to go down the road of the current casting quality at FW because I’ve never experienced a problem). I’m not convinced. I’m also not convinced that when this change over happens prices won’t jump drastically up either.

The other concern is will they just stop casting their Epic and AI range once the current moulds wear out? We’ve already been there with a large number of their old Epic range. 😦

So my options are to either load my credit card up and put one huge final order in with FW (thankfully ‘er indoors is ok with me doing this) or continue to buy bits and pieces each month and hope the Epic range is the last range they cast in Finecast.  I’m not keen on bulk buying more wargames figures at the moment because I tend to find that when I bulk buy I rarely do anything with most of the models beyond keeping them in storage boxes for years on end. But I frequently kick myself for not buying the entire FW Epic40k range before they stopped casting most of it.

Decisions decisions!


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