Hellhound surprise

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I didn’t have time to paint today, I rarely do on a Saturday, but I managed to grab an hour with the intention of putting my Epic40k and EpicA Hellhounds together. This is when I discovered a surprise with the EpicA Hellhounds. Have a look at the picture below and what do you see, other than I’m mixing an Epic40k turret with the EpicA vehicle body?

EpicA Hellhound

Ok, it needs flash and mold lines cleaning off but have a close look at the left of the side armour and then the right. They’re the wrong way around! Don’t believe me have a look at the below comparison:

EpicA Hellhound (left) – Epic40k Hellhound (Right)

Believe it or not GW have managed to cast the side armour of the EpicA Hellhounds on the wrong way around. It’s not often I do this but here we go.. *rolls eyes*

For those of you who don’t know with the Epic40k range vehicles came in around four pieces; two pieces of side armour, the vehicles main body and its turret. There was quite a variation of all of these components and this allowed you to mix and match them so you could personalise your vehicles. It was a great idea. With the current EpicA range GW decided not to do this and they cast the sides of the vehicles onto the bodies. This means that you can’t mix and match anymore (other than mixing Epic40k turrets with EpicA vehicles and vica versa) and all of your vehicles now essentially look the same. Because of this Epic40k vehicles are extremely popular on the second hand market. It also means that because GW have cast the EpicA Hellhounds with the sides on the wrong way around you’re stuck with them. Comparing the EpicA Bombards and Artillery pieces they’re all cast on the correct way. So, nice one GW. :/

I realise that some people won’t notice or care but when the rest of the vehicles in my army have their sides on the other way around it niggles.


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